Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prada Infusion d'Homme ( Revised from 2012 )

Neroli, Iris, Incense, Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin.

I reviewed this 3 years ago and since then, I've acquired a huge bottle. It behooves me to revise my post as I find myself reaching for this as a go-to work scent. I suppose it's safe to say that the totality of Prada's Infusion D'Homme is one of versatility and acceptability. As "clean" a quality that this possesses, it's also good to note that this is deceivingly strong for the first few hours. One tends to think of clean fragrances as a genre lacking projection or tenacity. Not so with Infusion D'Homme. I'm not as liberal these days when applying it since I find it easy to do so. It simply smells terrific.

The rendition and tuning of Iris present allows Infusion D'Homme to be broader than just a masculine wear. It's versatile enough for this to be worn by the female persuasion. There's nothing macho here and to me, it sits squarely in the middle of the gender line.

The presence of soap is easily detected here, but this aspect is one of quality and sans anything scratchy or caustic. The opening is an extremely pleasant experience. Fresh-out-of-the-shower vibrancy is manifested and I enjoy the faint violet and slightly sweet resins coming to life after the first minute. This is a very uncomplicated scent that smells full bodied and sheer at the same time. It's lightweight and deceptively substantial; a quality that has intrigued me since my initial wearing. I also experience rather impressive longevity and that's an added bonus I hadn't counted on. Leather is hinted at during the heart accord and onward, but it's never extroverted on my skin.

There's also the suggestion of smoke, but it too is of a passive nature. Regardless of whether or not Infusion D'Homme was intended to have transitions or simply be a linear wear is unimportant. On me, it's simplistic, pleasant, versatile and those around me have made mention of it on more than occasion. I've concluded this is a really good choice for where I work and being around all sorts of different people.

Sillage is moderately perfect. The longevity on my skin is approximately 6 hours before morphing into a personal space scent. The first few hours of wear are easily detectable and this is where it is deceptive. Go easy on the trigger until you find the amount that works perfect for your situation and environment. Thumbs up from Aromi for Prada's Infusion D'Homme and as always, a sample wear is highly recommended in spite of my opinion. As for me, I'm quite sure I'll be picking up a large backup bottle before this scent disappears either into discontinuation or reformulation.....if it hasn't already.........


  1. This one has a very strange quality on my skin. As you say after about 4 (or more in my case) hours it seems to have left the building. Then, triggered by some movement or intense activity, it blooms right back as if it were freshly sprayed. These bursts delayed sillage last for more than 12 hours and are extremely refreshing. I don't know how this can be possible and what natural or probably synthetic ingredients can have this effect.

    On another note, it also has a tartness that reminds me of Iris Bleu Gris

    1. This is one of my favorite sleep scents for precisely the reason you mention in your comment, Christos: it greets me in the morning! (-;

  2. Hi MOSC. It does stay on my skin as a very close scent for quite a long time. Thanks for the comment and I will have to take note of it resurrecting again with some body heat.