Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Noir by Christian Lacroix

Ginger, Saffron.
Cardamom, Orris Root.
White Cedar, Vetiver, Musk.

Noir by Christian Lacroix is an Avon product. That, in itself, made me hesitant to try this. I personally don't care for Avon creations ( for my own reasons ), but I do like Tomorrow for Men.

Once I saw that Saffron was listed in the accords, I was persuaded to pick up some samples. Sadly, I am genuinely disappointed in its implementation. If your definition of "Noir" is "Bleak", then this release comes somewhat close. Overall, it smells better than your average Avon fragrance, but innocuous masculines have a way of aggravating me.

The dominating note on my skin, through the majority of the wearings, is that of a slightly dirty musk. I prefer sensual musk renditions as opposed to this. I suppose the tuning of musk, orris and vetiver in Noir are simply not to my liking.

The first 2 minutes or so are promising. I enjoyed the opening that simulated what I can describe as spicy fruit. The musk wasted no time in inserting itself and Noir started losing me after 5 minutes. The earthy elements at work here are too bland, too generic and if I sound like a snob, sue me. I like what I like.

Yes, I gambled ( once again ) on some samples and came up on the short end of the stick. It could have been worse. I have had high end niche disappoint more than this. It matters not to me what house or the cost. If something is good, then it's good and worth recommending a sample wear. On the other hand, when something isn't up to snuff, I need to inform or else what's the point of having a review blog?

The extended drydown affords me a more pleasant experience, but it's much too little and far too late to salvage these wearings. Some of you out there may actually like this fragrance, so all I can do is tell you that a blind buy is not an intelligent decision. Sample this first and don't think it's good bang for the buck because Lacroix concocted this. I think it's a mess, but then again, I'm an opinionated snob.........

Sillage is average at best and longevity is approximately 4 hours on me. If this had the staying power of most Bogart scents, I'd be one, unhappy camper looking for a scrubbing sponge.

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