Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jessica McClintock Number 3

Lilac, Magnolia, Cyclamen, Muguet, Rose.

I suppose the most surprising thing to me about Jessica McClintock's Number 3 is what I've seen it selling for at auction. Don't get me wrong. Number 3 isn't a malevolent scent by any means. I actually find it rather nice, but the price point being asked is a little rich. It seems it would be more appropriate if it were selling for about half of what it's going for, but that's just one mans opinion.

That aside, Number 3 opens with a predictable floral array. It's pleasant, clean and lucid. The undercurrent tilts slightly green and reminds me ( once again ) of a freshly snapped stem. There's also a subtle ozonic quality in the opening.

The overall feel of Number 3 is innocuous to me. It's more pleasant than harmless, but it's not something to choose if one is trying to make a statement or be noticed. It is something to reach for however if you have the need to smell transparently floral.

The Magnolia and Cyclamen aren't tuned aggressively, but they succeed in suggesting something, ripe, young and green. I rather admire how Muguet is segued into the transition. The soft, ozonic quality I mentioned slowly dissipates, leaving a triumvirate of floral notes mixed with a leaf aroma. Others may not experience an ozone note, but I do.

Number 3 is very uncomplicated and straightforward. It opens politely and ends that way. Owning a "safe" fragrance is no crime that I know of. They have their place, especially if you wear scent in places that need a deft touch. Sillage is moderate and so is longevity. I experience approximately 3 hours before reapplication is necessary. A positive-neutral rating from Aromi for Jessica McClintock's Number 3.

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