Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heeley Agarwoud

Oud, Rose, Ambergris, Incense.

At over $4 per ml., I simply had to try this release. I keep hoping someone will release one on par with Mona's, but no luck so far. However, I'm not insinuating that Agarwoud isn't worthy, just that I haven't come across one that can equal or best my favorite yet.

For starters, this is pretty good in spite of being conventionally predictable. The smoke present isn't just derived from the incense rendition. It has a leathery character that's slightly charred. The Agar, Amber and Incense all come to life on my skin, along with the accent of smoky leather, but never does Rose come to fruition. It could be my chemistry, or perhaps it's tuned too low for me to appreciate. I also need to mention that this wears more like a substantial EDT than an Extrait de Parfum. The result isn't disappointing, but for this price point, it's a hard sell.

At $230.00 for 50ml., one must really give it some thought before pulling the trigger. Every now and then, you come across one so good that the price is irrelevant. Agarwoud doesn't fall into that category, although for a westernized oud, it's very good and a comfortable wear.

For whatever reason, I keep thinking I'm smelling a mild implementation of Cade in this. The Agar is most assuredly recognizable, but it's not overpowering. Subtle resin and smoke are nice embellishments and once extended drydown is upon you, a soft amber polishes whatever rough edges remained.

Sillage is moderate but good. This is a full bodied fragrance that doesn't need to cut through a crowd. It's substantial enough without needing a perimeter. Longevity is approximately 4 hours on me, which I find unacceptable for the price and listed strength. A Neutral rating from Aromi for Heeley's Agarwoud. A sample wear is most assuredly recommended.

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  1. I was hoping that this would be incredible!! I'm trying to get samples from their website but my order isn't going through and it seems as if my beseeching emails are falling on deaf ears!! Ah well ...