Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Infusion de Vètiver by Prada

A Vetiver for everybody ...
I constantly bleat on about the Infusion series from Prada being 'too light' and 'too expensive' for what they are. I am happy to report that I find my critique incorrect, especially when it comes to Infusion de Vétiver!

I have no idea what has prompted this turn around in my perception. Suffice it to say that of late, I have been hankering for something that is both present and pleasant to spray on my skin ... something that doesn't necessarily trumpet it's existence but makes itself known with delicious wafts of 'fresh from the shower' goodness for longer than just a couple of hours. I have found it here!
I've always enjoyed a healthy dose of Vetiver in fragrances ... I find it uplifting. The beauty of this note is further enhanced here by the clever addition of two rather pungent spices ... in a completely non-pungent way. The Pepper and Ginger here serve basically to make the Vetiver in this 'fume sparkle, like so many dew drops in the morning sunshine clinging precariously to blades of grass. The Tarragon in this composition brings a simple, herbal quality to it, further enhancing the feeling of freshness. Infusion de Vétiver presents the nose with a superb soapiness and doesn't demand any attention in it's own right. Rather, it enhances and compliments ... perfect for hot weather! It radiates cool confidence.
Far from being a 'men only' fragrance this one falls into that 'never never land' of unisex creations. I personally feel that all fragrances should live in this world, not being one to connect gender to a bottle of perfume. 
I like everything about this fragrance, from the funky packaging to the simple, elegant bottle which has a lovely heft and sits easily in the hand to spray.

It's taken me some time to 'get' the idea behind the Prada Infusion series ... now that I have, I couldn't be happier!

Rating: 9.5/10

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