Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, December 28, 2012

Silk Mandarin Santal Mist by Victoria's Secret

Chinese Mandarin, Indian Sandalwood, Mimosa, Musk, Woods.

I find some eclectic fragrances locally, due to my frequenting numerous thrift stores after finishing work and before heading home. Silk Mandarin Santal is yet another procurement added to my shelves. I paid a whopping $1.16 for a 125ml. bottle that's 85% full. Naturally, if a scent I stumble upon is without merit, I won't buy it regardless of the price. The one good thing about "local" partials is that you can test it while in the store and then decide.

As for me, I have a proclivity for citrus-sandalwood scents and Silk Mandarin Santal more than scratches that itch. I'm rather impressed at the presence and staying power  that this "Mist" possesses. Make no mistake, this isn't on par with their EDP rendition, but I own EDT's that are commensurate and some that are weaker. Suffice it to say that this mist version is assuredly adequate. It also represents citrus and sandalwood in a satisfying fashion. It's linear to a fault, but to my senses, it's a well done product in its genre.

Never heavy, Mandarin Santal opens with a sheer accord of Orange and Sandalwood. The Orange leans out just a bit farther the first few minutes, but is caught up to by the Woods shortly thereafter.

I don't realize a floral quality in the conventional sense, but the citrus rendition does seem propelled and sweetened by what I can assume is Mimosa. This accord is the gist of the entire composition and the only variation I experience is the intro of a subtle and unassuming Musk during the base and drydown stages of development.

Sillage is modest as a "mist" is supposed to be. Longevity is a respectable 4 hours plus on me, which I found surprising. As a man, the only impressive thing that comes to mind when thinking of Victoria's Secret is very sexy lingerie. I now have something else to enjoy from these purveyors of arousal. Thumbs up from Aromi for Silk Mandarin Santal.


  1. Glad that you got the chance to try one of these, Aromi. This series represented the best of the perfumes ever offered by VS, in my opinion. It must have been an experiment which did not work out business-wise, because the perfumes were quite nice, but also more expensive than their other fragrance offerings. The edps came in beautiful packaging and of course the concentration was stronger than what you tried. The whole production, from launch to discontinuation, lasted only two years.

    Alas, the tyranny of the market!

  2. Hi sherapop. What you say sounds very reasonable to me. It's a shame they were here and gone so quickly as I liked this one quite a bit.