Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mr. Bill Blass by Bill Blass

Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cypress, Amber, Vanilla, Leather, Incense, Musk. ( ****accord listing courtesy of fragrantica**** )

Allow me to say I'm not convinced the listing of notes is exactly on the money. I can also say that, in the end, it's not of the utmost importance that the accords be completely accurate since what matters most is the overall quality of this particular scent. I prefer to start describing Mr. Bill Blass in reverse only because it suits me to do so. The thing that disappoints me the most during my wearings is the abysmal longevity I experience. 'Such a shame because I like everything about its aroma, but alas, Mr. Bill Blass the perfume evaporates ( on my skin ) much like the ever-present smoke emanating from the cigarettes of Mr. Bill Blass himself.

Within a meager 20 minutes, what starts out as a very promising retro-contemporary frag seemingly melts into a literal skin scent. It could perhaps be my absorbent skin, but I doubt that even my skin could drink the heavy sprays I applied and leave me wondering what the hell just happened?

Now, with negatives out of the way, allow me to describe what I enjoyed about my wearings of Mr. Bill Blass the perfume. The opening is an excellent bitter citric accord that encompasses smooth and edgy at the same time. The tuning of what I perceive as bitter orange and spicy woods is at once a throwback and yet suitable for the modern man. This has its roots in other notables from bygone days, but skirts the trappings of being a dated masculine. This opening, at least to me, is very enjoyable and fuels expectations for the remainder of the ride. The blending also keeps the significant players forefront while blurring the others and employing them as supporting elements.

What doesn't come to fruition during my wearings is conventional Oriental, Leather, Incense or Vetiver notes. What does transpire in the background is the suggestion that they are there and I have to admit to liking this interpretation very much. By this transition however, the volume and presence of Mr. Bill Blass is already waning and if you're not careful, you may just miss the soft and wispy tobacco note that intermittently graces the nostrils.

Like a new and beautiful Softtail Harley that's equipped with an undersized gas tank, Mr. Bill Blass glides down the road with the intent of stopping every 7 miles to refuel. The ride feels and looks great, but it's over so damn fast you check to see if there's a leak somewhere in your fuel line.

In spite of all this, a thumbs up from Aromi for Mr. Bill Blass and his premature ejaculating cologne. Even though it's over quickly, it's worth the sprays.