Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dream Angels Desire by Victoria's Secret

Freesia, Ivy, Magnolia.
Peony, Plum, Frangipani.
Musk, Woods.

The first inclination, with fragrances such as this, is to mentally dismiss them before trying them. Yes, it is snobbery, but I repress those knee-jerk reactions and have learned to give "everything" a whirl. In this manner, I've found some unlikely gems or, at the very least, some viable fragrances that I would have otherwise scorned.

Enter Dream Angels Desire by Victoria's Secret. I picked up a 7.5ml. EDP at the local Goodwill for $1 recently and am wearing it now as we speak. It wears like a parfum, but the longevity is lacking just a bit.

That said, it's evident that the most important thing is the overall performance of any given scent. Dream Angels Desire is assuredly a feminine release and surprisingly good in a demure way. There's not a boisterous stage in it and while some reviews have complained about it being "weak", I beg to differ. It simply radiates close to the skin after 15 minutes and for all intents and purposes becomes a personal space scent. Body heat will diffuse it and increase its throw, but there is a "place" for the more subtle fragrances. Who would REALLY WANT every single release to possess otherworldly sillage and nuclear longevity? If that person is "you", then I truly hope I never run into you in an elevator or some other crowded place during warm or hot weather. Been there.....done that.......and it sucked to be me at that moment in time. Dream Angels Desire is polite but noticeable and exudes a fresh vibe that's pleasant to be in close proximity to. I'm quite sure I wouldn't mind being stuck in close quarters with a woman wearing this. I'd probably ask her what she was wearing.

Dream Angels Desire opens with a revitalizing accord of Freesia and Magnolia. It's exuberant and emits a green, ripening vibe. Peony provides a mellow sweetness to the composition. There's a creamy element that has a fruit aspect to it and I'm unsure if this is attributable to the Frangipani or not. I haven't been exposed to that particular note enough to pick it out, but who cares? Whatever is causing it smells delectable, but not edible.

There's a very mild spice percolating in this brew and remains barely noticeable throughout the top and heart. Once the base and drydown gather momentum, it's a bit more evident; albeit the entire scent has lowered in volume and presence. It blends well with the soft woods and musk that bring Dream Angels Desire to the finish.

Sillage is moderate and longevity is approximately 3 hours or a little better on my skin. Thumbs up from Aromi for D.A.D. by Victoria's Secret. A sample wear is highly recommended.

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