Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rasasi Amber Ood

Agarwood, Rose, Amber, Agarwood, Musk.

Wearing Amber Ood by Rasasi at once signals a linear scent with hints of ingredients not listed. I liked this from the moment I dabbed it on my skin. Marketed to women, this is definitely wearable for men as Agarwood seems to be the great equalizer, regardless of how predominant it is or isn't in a given composition. In Amber Ood, the oud is represented more politely than usual and permits the floral, resin and sensual tones to seep through. It's tuned rather well for western sensibilities and as the heart accord commences, the oud takes even more of a back seat to what smells like a moist Rose and Jasmine duo to me.

The opening of Amber Ood is a version of agarwood that's smooth like a well aged scotch. I'm not referring to "quality or refinement", but a rather enjoyable subtlety. The rendition is noticeable, but in a passive manner. It's also merged with floral and balsam to produce a mildly sweet, interesting woods.

With Amber Ood, there's no surprises from what you experience during the intro until its dissipation. The low volume oud becomes even softer, accented nicely by a commensurate amber and a very centered "rose". The listed Musk never comes alive on my skin, but perhaps it embellishes the composition without my ability to notice it. At any rate, Amber Ood is very economical, respects boundaries and most importantly, it smells very pleasant.

Sillage is good with longevity approximately 6 hours on my skin. Thumbs up from Aromi for Rasasi's Amber Ood and as always, a sample wear is recommended. A special thanks to my friend Couture Guru for his generous samples !!!!!

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