Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tea Rose by The Perfumer's Workshop

Bergamot, Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, Cedar, Amber, Rosewood, Sandalwood.

Well, so much for my trying to describe notes, accords, transitions, etc.........Perhaps I should just say that Tea Rose is a big, fat- assed Rose scent and call it good? I actually could do that, but then I wouldn't get the opportunity to be long-winded and drone on about the merits or pitfalls of the this particular fragrance. After all, what's the point of reviewing anything if you can't ( or won't ) describe it as best you can?

The first thing I noticed was the price point of $9.99 for a NIW 4oz. box.  More often than not, 120ml. for ten bucks denotes an inferior fragrance. I mean, it stands to reason doesn't it? Tea Rose is one of a handful that is the exception to the rule. There are others like Lapidus and so on, but you get the idea. There's not many that can be as realistic as this and you get a gallon of it for peanuts.

For those who eschew Rose in general, please continue to do so regarding Tea Rose. It will rock your socks and not in a good way. For those who enjoy the note, you may want to fast from your daily Starbucks for one day and use that money to buy this. This will last you God knows how long and also doubles as a terrific closet spray or on clothes as well. I also found that if I spray it on myself from a distance of 12 inches or so, it eliminates the caustic nature of the top accord.

Tea Rose obviously has notes implemented other than Rose, but this is a soliflore. There's no way around that fact. From start to finish, Tea Rose exhibits a natural rose aroma that leans moist and tilts slightly green. Love it or hate it, this fragrance is a genuine representation of a newly cut rose and the longevity is impressive to boot.

I push the envelope, at times, pertaining to the scents I choose to wear. Tea Rose however, is out of my wheelhouse. I couldn't pull this off whatsoever, but layering may have some potential. Sillage is deceitful and one has to have presence of mind when applying this. Longevity has already been described as good, so what we are left with is an economical, realistic rendition of Rose that a 5 year child could afford. Thumbs up from Aromi for this 1972 release by The Perfumer's Workshop and to hell with the sample wearing recommendation. Just borrow $10 from your kid and head over to T.J.Maxx.

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