Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Burberrys for Men

Artemesia, Bergamot, Tarragon, Mint, Juniper, Juniper.
Carnation, Jasmine, Marjoram, Patchouli, Pepper, Rose.
Amber, Leather, Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Cedar, Vetiver, Myrrh, Civet.

The first thing I noticed while wearing this version of Burberrys is its kinship to the original Gucci pour Homme from 1976. I won't drone on about it, but it's there and if you have both, please compare. What is truly confusing about "Burberrys" is that there is one that preceded the 1981 release, has the same name but resides in a different shaped bottle. The ones that came after 1981 (to me ) are just as confusing, but I'm getting off track here.

This "type" of classically constructed masculine gives me the feeling that I should be wearing it on a cool, crisp night. It's formal if anything and doesn't posses a frivolous bone in its substantially limpid body. It leans mature for sure, but dated it is not. This is like other "classics" that defy time and space. It will smell authoritative and well done 20 years from now.

All the notes implemented in Burberrys for Men lend gravitas, depth and a full bodied aroma indicative of creations over 30 years ago. They perform as intended with rather masterful blending. You can smell basically all the players and yet you can't smell any of "them". Confused? Don't be. This is tuned to the perfection of its time and is symphonic as it unravels. The bottom line ( on my skin ) is a quality woody leather accented by assorted spice, earth tones and an intermittent floral punctuation.  As Burberrys for Men transitions to the base and drydown stage, it's augmented once more with a sensual character.

This fragrance, like others of its genre and time, don't "wear" like the contemporary releases marketed to men. There's the inherent denseness and sobriety that make it more of a dedicated scent than a versatile one. This scent is right in my wheelhouse due to my age and predilections. Could I wear it all season and regardless of situation? Of course I could, but I would choose to don it in regards to climate and function. This is the very reason I have so many fragrances to begin with.

For those who like masculines such as the aforementioned Gucci pour Homme from 1976 or Guerlain's Derby, Burberrys for Men would probably offer you a pleasant surprise. I'm persuaded to believe the perfumer looked to these blueprints and then put a slightly different twist in the composition. Sillage is perfect with longevity approximately 6 hours. The skin scent stage easily rolls into the next day. Thumbs up from Aromi for Burberrys for Men with the usual recommendation to sample before purchase.

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