Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NBA Knicks EDT by Air Val International

Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Green Apple, Aquatic Spices.
Lavender, Cedar, Tonka Bean.
Musk, Moss, Vetiver.

I picked up a NIB 100ml. a few weeks ago at TJMAXX for approximately $5. Those who read my opinions must know by now that I'm going into this wearing assuming it will suck the big Wazoo. It's huge and blue, costs peanuts and it's been on their shelf for quite a spell. Hell, even the folks who gravitate towards the generic and innocuous have seemingly shunned this to sit and accumulate dust. Thinking about that as I purchased it didn't bode too well, but the worst case scenario is that I'm out $5 for a minute.

My initial wearing had me apply this with trepidation. I genuinely thought it would be an instantaneous scrubber. Now, to leap forward and inform you that it wasn't nearly that bad or painful is only fair before I continue.

NBA opens as a very conventional contemporary scent. It's completely unoffensive and while exhibiting that chemical character associated with this genre, it's actually not bad. You can say it's along the lines of many Nautica releases and there's many that like those. I own a few myself and use them on occasion when I need to keep a low profile.

To be honest, NBA Knicks is most assuredly a budget masculine. There's no development and the totality is a mish mash of blurred aromas, but that aside, the result is acceptable. The Tea and Bitter Citrus are the most noticeable on me, but the "fruit and aquatic" aspects are present as well. As always, the ever present, modern musk evolves into the accord after a few minutes and stakes its claim. It is not to be evicted.

Bottom line is that NBA Knicks EDT is bargain bin, but probably a perfect starter fragrance for a young male looking to see what fragrance is all about. It will offend no one and wow no one as well. Since I have a full bottle now, I'll find occasion to use this in spring and summer where it seems best suited.

Sillage is moderate with longevity approximately 3 to 4 hours on me with heavy sprays. A Positive-Neutral rating from Aromi for NBA Knicks Eau de Toilette with a strong recommendation to sample first.

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