Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, March 3, 2014

C'Est Moi by Etienne Aigner

Green Notes, Peony, Wild Berries, Tuberose, Orchid, Wood Notes, Musk.

It doesn't take but about 2 minutes to notice the woodiness of this 1983 feminine from Etienne Aigner. Classified as a fresh-floral, I believe that is a misnomer. This should be a floral-woody if anything. The woods I'm experiencing are more than likely cedarwood oil. It's reminiscent of that note I relive, time and time again, in numerous classic masculines. It's extroverted and has a vitality that contemporary renditions of woods do not. I'm not saying superior, but I am saying noticeably different. Personally, I like all implementations of the note, regardless of release date. The woods in C'Est Moi are more indicative of the times......and it's good. It makes C'Est Moi lean a bit masculine if you ask me, but others may disagree. I could wear this in public and pull it off, although I'd have to be careful of how much I'd apply. This has some kick to it.

Perhaps time has aged the mini I own and has caused the floral notes to become subdued. I have no way of knowing for certain since I cannot go back in time and smell this immediately after release. Regardless, I'm persuaded to believe that even then, the woods would have become incrementally pronounced by the time the base and drydown stages arrived. In the now however, the woods are realized almost immediately.

The opening of C'Est Moi is woods augmented with what I decipher ( or should I say throw an educated guess your way....) as subdued rose, green stem, spice and either carnation or geranium. It's a dense rendition and difficult to pick out individual notes. As a whole, that is what it smells like to me. The Cedar Oil smells front and center with the floral, fruit and green notes as accentuating characters. The longer the wearings ensue, the more masculine C'Est Moi transforms on my skin. This is some butch juice for sure.

If Chuck Norris had a wife ( that he didn't kill with years of accumulated roundhouse kicks to the head), C'Est Moi may have been a good choice for her to wear. Hell, for all I know, Chuck may have taken it from her by force and wore it himself.

Sillage is good, but not room clearing. The fullness of this scent however, is something you do not want to overdo. It possesses that heavy, swirl factor that can envelope you like a blanket. Thumbs up from Aromi for Etienne Aigner's C'Est Moi and a strong recommendation to sample before ever purchasing this scent.

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