Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, April 13, 2014

04°N 74°W by Richard Luscher Britos

Gardenia, Orchid, Rose, Hyacinth, Lily, Arabic Coffee.

First, a big thanks to Mia Von Trost from Parfumo for sending me samples representing the Terrior perfumes from this house located in Switzerland. Just a casual sniff of the sprayer had me intrigued. Out of the 5 representative fragrances, I decided on this one first for no particular reason.

Jumping the gun a bit, I have to say I love the "coffee note" in this. For me, I always seem to experience the suggestion of such notes and rarely ( if ever ) a literal interpretation. This rendition however is right in my wheelhouse and is the perfect counterpoint to the Gardenia.

I am persuaded that it consists of spices and wood; namely sandalwood. It possess similarities to the version in my vintage Santal Noble by MPG. Now, please don't misinterpret that I'm claiming this is a Santal Noble clone. What I am stating is that if you miss the coffee note in the original et Gantier, this version may just satisfy your craving. I find it just as good.

The opening accord is a rich and substantial bouquet with Gardenia walking point. This lasts only seconds. The Coffee accord is immediately content to make its presence felt and at least on my skin, it's the loudest voice. It's safe to say that within the initial minute of application, this unravels fully developed. I have absolutely no qualms with that as I love what I'm smelling. I also have to declare that there's no gender barrier here. I would thoroughly enjoy smelling this on anyone close by. I keep thinking I'm getting subtle whiffs of either Anise or Tarragon in the coffee rendition, but I could be remiss. Perhaps it's the vanilla mentioned on their website or a combination of players.

Either way, 04°N 74°W is a surprisingly pleasant and full bodied scent. As far as the concentration is concerned, I'm not certain if I am sampling an EDT or EDP. I lean toward Eau de Toilette since it possesses high end or Treble ( if you will ) that I normally find absent in Eau de Parfums.  I could be way off base, but who cares? Is the totality good? You betcha !

04°N 74°W is a linear wear for me, but that's not a bad thing here. Sillage is tuned intelligently, but this can easily be overapplied. Longevity is approximately 4 hours with much more as a skin scent. The drydown is a nice, spicy resin on me. I am fortunate enough in life to have opportunity for sampling numerous, diverse fragrances. This is one of the few releases that, in spite of my not finding it outstanding, will cause me to seriously entertain a purchase. Thumbs up from Aromi for 04°N 74°W and as usual, a strong recommendation to sample before purchase.

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