Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

14°S-48°E by Richard Luscher Britos

Ylang-Ylang, Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Cocoa, Vetiver, Vanilla, Roasted Corn.

A cacophony of bitter and sweet spiciness wash over you as soon as you apply 14°S-48°E. The combination of what must be Mandarin peel integrated with Ylang is an extraordinary aroma. I can't say it's the most pleasant accord I've smelled, because it isn't. However, it sure is interesting and after 5 minutes, the insertion of vetiver into the transition enhances that feeling. The opening accord is a bit Lutenesque on my skin, but 14°S-48°E evolves quickly enough that my comparison is a fleeting memory. These are earth tones implemented well, but unless you have a proclivity for these elements, this may only garner your respect.

At its very essence, 14°S-48°E is a vetiver fragrance that attempts to appeal to the sensibilities of both genders. To me, it still leans masculine, but it's not as overtly so as others featuring this note. There's a smokiness that almost gives the illusion of incense, but it's more subtle and derives from whatever ingredients constitute "roasted corn", along with the vetiver note. All in all, 14°S-48°E is more enjoyable than I had anticipated and a worthy contender.

 The only drawback I can find while sampling 14°S-48°E is that it dissipates to a skin scent much too quickly for my liking. Since I'm only wearing a small amount, it's difficult to tell if healthy sprays would correct this. Even so, with the amount I applied, I expected to get better results and that didn't transpire. I can usually get a good bead on other samplings using similar applications, so I am persuaded to state what I believe is true.

Notwithstanding, 14°S-48°E is an enjoyable wear and the unique opening accord is a standout to me. So is the smokiness and the subtle, nutty quality of the vetiver rendition. In spite of the presence dying down within 2 hours or less, the personal space aroma is very good. This, could in fact be a favorable aspect for those looking for a fragrance that performs in this manner. There's no doubt it would work well in an office setting or the like. Sillage is moderate and I've already declared longevity. Still, thumbs up from Aromi for 14°S-48°E with a strong suggestion to sample first in lieu of purchase.

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