Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

44°N-3° by Richard Luscher Britos

Lavender, Chestnut, Pine, Juniper, Vanilla.

I cannot help but be reminded that this smells like something that Caron could have created. It has a classic vibe to it, due to the combination of Lavender and Vanilla. It wears like you'd expect a well made scent to do and leans a bit dense.

The first few minutes are invigorating and I can almost smell the stones in the fragrance description. Evolving effortlessly from that is the herbal quality accented with pine. I can imagine a hillside, sloping upwards, with jutting rocks, boulders, shrubbery and lavender, with pine toward the skyline. This accord basically unravels at once, with Vanilla clawing its way into the sunlight.

Word has it that Andy Tauer is the nose behind this creation and as we all know, he is very talented. On one hand, there's nothing new here yet 44°n-3° is an enjoyable wear. I don't feel as if I'm wearing a dated fragrance like others in this category can do. I'm not quite sure why that is exactly, except that maybe Tauer put a slightly different spin on what I've smelled before.

After 20 minutes and onward, a resin quality comes to the fore. It was there all along, lurking until it decided to become directly involved. Its voice is tuned to the same pitch as the remaining lavender, vanilla and woody herbs.

Sillage is somewhere between moderate and perfect, with longevity approximately 3-4 hours before dissipating into a personal space scent that lasts about the same. Thumbs up from Aromi for 44°n-3° and a tip of the cap to Mr. Tauer for giving new life to a classic genre. A sample wear is recommended in lieu of blind purchase.

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