Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Versace Oud Noir pour Homme

Bitter Orange, Neroli, Pepper.
Cardamom, Saffron, Olibanum.
Patchouli, Leather, Woods.

Versace's Oud Noir for Men is perhaps one of the more wearable interpretations out there; especially if the note gives you problems. Personally, I don't even consider this an Oud fragrance. Why, you ask? Because it's not an oud scent in any respect. Whatever is actually being passed off as oud performs softly, as does the entire scent from start to early finish.

Oud Noir begins with a subtle, citrus and mild camphor. It's pleasant, innocuous and versatile. I can also say it's uninspired and I wouldn't be inaccurate. After 5 minutes or so, there's some spice. the suggestion of fruit and perhaps balsam. I don't experience genuine clarity in the accords and as Oud Noir is tuned at a low volume, this is simply a spray-n-go type fragrance.

It may appear I'm bashing on Oud Noir a bit, but that's not my intention. There's a definitive place for scents such as this. Oud Noir may be low key, but it's full enough to be considered as a choice for warmer temps when you want some substance instead of reaching for your arsenal of aquatics.

I suppose that when I bought this, I was expecting something much different than what it is. On the flip side, I have enough heavy choices with or without Oud for cold weather and Oud Noir actually is very versatile.

Not long ago, this fragrance was selling at auction for around $100 US and wasn't widely available. That made it desirable. Now, it's selling for quite a bit less and is more plentiful. I do recommend Oud Noir if it can be had for around $60 US for the 100ml. bottle. Sillage is moderate at best, with longevity approximately 4 hours on my skin before reapplication. A postive-neutral rating from Aromi for Versace's Oud Noir and highly recommend sampling before pulling the trigger.

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