Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Leather Oudh by Al Haramain

Thyme, Raspberry, Jasmine, Cashmere Wood, Labdanum, Iris, Leather, Cedar, Amber, Musk.

I came across this recently and decided to add it to the collection. As always, I look for information if I've never sampled it before in order to decide if I'm going to pull the trigger or not. To be honest, there isn't a whole lot out there on this scent, but what I did read intrigued me enough to go for it.

Leather Oudh proved to be a good blind buy. As has been the case lately, I'm reviewing yet another fragrance that doesn't possess much movement. It's more a matter of the volume lowering over time, in order to unveil the base notes and drydown. Regardless, Leather Oudh is a nice wear.

Leather Oudh opens with a sheer accord of fruity leather. It's different, it's funky and I like it. Within a few minutes, the Iris inserts itself and lends a stemmy-violet like quality to the top accord. Even with multiple sprays on the same spot of skin, Leather Oudh doesn't yell or raise its voice above a polite volume. The projection is moderate and in my opinion it's tuned rather well. The interplay between the listed Raspberry, Jasmine and Iris is enjoyable and there's just enough "sweet" to accent the leather and keep it on point.

Now, is there oud? No, there's no agarwood present in Leather Oudh, so unless you assume the subtle,leathery woods in the drydown justifies the name, then all is well. The drydown, at least for me, is nice enough and I still get the suggestion of oud from the combination of players. I'm not a fan of pungent oud as it is, but I do enjoy the note when it's toned down. In Leather Oudh, there's no worries about that.

There's versatility here folks as Leather Oudh should be as comfortable in the office as it would be in nightlife. There's nothing polarizing or loud, just a nice wear for either gender regardless of the situation.

Sillage is moderate with longevity approximately 5-6 hours before I would consider reapplication. Thumbs up from Aromi for Al Haramain's Leather Oudh. As always, a sample wear is recommended before purchase.

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