Gentleman EDP by Yellowstone Parfums

Bergamot, Green Notes, Spices, Floral Accord, Woods, Oakmoss
Absolute, Patchouli, Smoke, Vetiver.

Gentleman surprised me in the sense that I "expected" a Patchouli driven vehicle due to my ingrained connection to Givenchy's vintage release of the same name. Not so Grasshoppa. The opening of Yellowstone's Gentleman is a herbaceous, green accord that manages to stick around for basically the life of the scent. It's more along the lines of Homme de Gres, but denser and longer lasting.

The top accord, on my skin, is very durable and lasts much longer than most. You can detect the other players underneath supporting this fresh green aura, yet during my wearings, they never truly conquer the opening. It's as if Gentleman blows out of the bottle fully developed. That's fine by me because I like this accord and the fragrance has good longevity.

The listed "Green Notes", Oakmoss and Vetiver are the dominant DNA players in Gentleman. Together, they are herbal and earthy, yet smooth and there's a "breeziness" to this that I find hard to explain. I don't mean that in the sense of Ozone or Marine-type notes. It's simply they way they interact that gives me this impression. Overall, this scent is a throw-back, but viable and doesn't wear like a fragrance that's dated. Certain fragrances do that to me, but not this one.

So, where's the Patchouli I expected? I believe it's in there contributing to the earth tones and is in the lineup as a supporting player. The smokiness is subtle and smells like a very soft incense and myrrh. I could be remiss about that, but I'm quite sure I detect Myrrh in the mix and it's a note I've always liked. I wouldn't have anticipated it being incorporated into a "green" fragrance, but this isn't exactly a typical green release. I suppose none of that matters as long as the totality smells good.

In closing, I find Yellowstone's Gentleman an enjoyable wear with a new take on an established theme. I like that it lasts longer than most designers I've owned in this genre. It's versatile enough for casual and work-wear and assuredly not a polarizing fragrance. This new House is definitely home-spun, but that's the beauty of entrepreneurship. Every so often, someone gets it right. Thumbs up from Aromi for Yellowstone's Gentleman and as always, a sample wear is highly recommended.


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