Pour Lui EDP by Yellowstone Parfums


Lavender, Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood, Musks, Amber, Vanilla Bean, Benzoin, Tolu Balsam.

Two things come to my mind when I spray this on my skin. The first is that this is a strong top accord in terms of projection. The second thing is that this reminds me of a particular release from a certain designer house back in the 1980's ( I'll mention no names ), but this isn't a replica by any means. It shares DNA and to be honest, I like this better.

The combination of Lavender with an outspoken Vanilla note is a love it or hate it marriage. I've always either liked it or was indifferent to it, depending upon the overall scent. Pour Lui seems to have captured the right amounts of listed notes to settle on this beast of an opening. It calms down within 5 minutes and retains a friendly posture that has good longevity and just smells good. It's very uncomplicated and I think that was the point. It's fully developed right out of the chute. The only things that changes on my skin is overall volume.

What I noticed ( and liked ) from the onset was the contribution from Tolu Balsam. Just enough warmth, resin and the suggestion of florals to balance out the heavy handedness of the Lavenderized Vanilla. Even wearing this for 30 minutes, I find myself sniffing this quite a bit, which is usually a sign that I'm enamored with what I happen to be wearing. This isn't a youthful, playful scent, It's also not a stodgy, dated classic. If I had to classify this, it's a mature, semi-sweet masculine that features a Balsamic Vanilla that gives me the impression of both formal and office wear ability.
The listed Musk does its job of lending a cohesiveness and longevity to the Woods and Vanilla. Even well past the shelf life of top notes, I still detect the Lavender that seems to be cemented into this one trick pony of a fragrance. I don't say that in a derogatory way. I have, in my wardrobe, numerous one trick ponies that I enjoy to this day. It's not always about transitions. The totality, for me, is the most important thing on whether I pull the trigger on something......or not. Pour Lui is definitely a contender for the cool to cold months.

In closing, it's obvious to anyone reading that I like this fragrance. Pour Lui is a simple masculine with presence. It's really a comfort scent of sorts. I can imagine cozying up to someone special wearing this once Pour Lui dries down. It lingers quite awhile as a skin scent and the only change in aroma during the dry down is that the resin quality is better integrated at this stage. It has an equal footing instead of being an accent.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Yellwostone's Pour Lui. As I usually do, a sample wear is highly recommended for any fragrance I review since perfume is such a subjective experience. Keep in mind I recommend this for Fall and Winter. I feel it would be too heavy for warm temperatures, but that's just me. This should be a successful sample wear for anyone who gravitates towards Masculines with a Lavender-Vanilla opening and a Balsamic-Vanilla finish.


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